by Drew Rouse

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I wrote this song about genetic pollution and about how some biotech companies and governments are trying to gain control of our food. I believe they are also trying to weaponize our food as well. DON'T EAT GMO'S or any genetically engineered food!



They put it on ya like a psycho. Genetic manipulation, modification more like molestation. It’s all genetic pollution! Its not about feeding starving African children. Nor is it salvation for humanities growing population. Its a grand allusion, designed to control our food and the population, without our opposition.

Its weaponization of our foods by a greedy few. Controlling corporations and their billionaire barbarians, who won’t eat it but you and your kids do. No one makes you, you don’t have to. Its poison but its not labelled. If it was, and it should be, it wouldn’t be on your kitchen table. But the officials have gone from public, to private, to public, to monsanto. You know, like a yo-yo. They don’t give a dame about you, its all about the dough.

So your best to try and grow your own and go organic real soon, but their moving in on that too. Trans-genetic contamination, its a GE Alfalfa invasion. Oooops there goes the organic certifications. Oh well, the USDA’s wasn’t worth the paper it was printed on. Anyway, this is the intension.

Intensional mutation and cross contamination that interferes with natural selection, evolution and conquers the existing gene pool. Now don’t start fighting, arguing or more neoliberal chit-chatting. This is the unifying issue of our time and our generation.

Down with the multinational corporations, consolidation, greed and the patenting of life by any human and hell no! A corporation isn’t a person. How did they get that one through? And no they are not Alien but their ideas are. They just haven’t learnt about love and compassion, thus far.

They are just empty beings void of feels. Once we take away their seeds, they’ll be left there standing, sterile and staring. While you and WE bring back the birds and the bees. Undoing all they have done, simply. Like old Granny and Grand-daddy. You know doing what comes naturally, traditionally and respectfully. Rotating crops, saving seeds and Energy.

Preparing, so we can continue to live independently and free. Its all selfish really. Its all selfish truly, but some look out over the land for generations. Others, its only today they care to see. They’ll put it on ya like a psycho. They’ll put it on ya like a psycho! ©2012 Drew C. Rouse


released March 1, 2012
Written and performed by Drew Rouse



all rights reserved


Drew Rouse Vancouver, British Columbia

Drew Rouse is a fiercely independent writer and musician who has toured extensively throughout North America and Europe. He has captivated audiences from coast to coast and across the oceans with his songs of environmental and social justice. Drew has a unique propensity and ability for meshing smooth rhythms with driving and hypnotic melodies around deeply relevant issues. Share & Enjoy. ~Drew ... more

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